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Naughty Sms

Thand Lag Rahe

Me: Thand lag rahi hai

She: Nahiii
Me: Thand lag raii hai ??
She: Nhiiii
Me: Thand lag raii hai ??
She: Tu baar baar same question kyu puch raha hai ??
Me: Coz i wanna hug you :P ;)

Added by: nabeel

Khamoshi Ko Kiy Sumjho

DuLha: Shadi se pehLe se kitny ‪‎boyfriends‬ thy

DuLhan: khamoosh

DuLha: (ChiLaa kr) is khamoshi ko kiya samjhon ...

DuLhan: Toba hai count tu krny do ... :P

Added by: nabeel

Translate This Sentence

Teacher: Translate this sentence

Larki kaprey pehan chuki hai

All boyz aik saath mein boley

Ohh....shit......we r late ;)

Added by: nabeel

Hath Thak Gya

Tujhey yad kar kar k
mera haath thak gya. :P ;)

Added by: nabeel

Hollywood Logic

Hollywood logic

Chahe kitni b bdi musibat ho,

Jaan mushkil mai pdi ho,

Par ek kiss to bnti hai boss

Added by: nabeel



boys think that girls R lazy,
but actually they R the one,
they think they R the HEROES,
but actually they R the ZEROS!
GIRLS R always the FIRST,
& boys R the WORST!
boys have no MIND,
& were not at all KIND!
they always think about CARS,
I think they R from MARS!
they say GIRLS always CRY,
actually there own minds R DRY!
GIRLS always get better marks in a test,
because GIRLS R really the BEST

Added by: Bilal Khan

Love Is Blind

Love is blind

be very kind
plz dont mind

Added by: Bilal Khan

Na Msg Na Phone

Na msg 

Na phone
Na picture
Na tone
kya ban gaye ho
number to aise
liya tha jaise roz
karoge PHONE
ab kehte ho hum apke hain kaun 

Added by: Bilal Khan

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