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Adult Sms

Hot Air Hostess

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Man to super hot air hostess: whats Ur name?
Air hostess: Eva Benz
Man: lovely name, any relation with Mercedes Benz?
Air hostess smiling: "same price" :D

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Gareebo Ke Sath

Teacher: Hmay Garibon k Sath pyar se paish aana chahiye.

Studnt: Acha ab me samjha.

Teacher: kiya?

Studnt: PAPA aksar Nokrani ko galay Q lagatay hain.;-);-)

Added by: nabeel     Adult Sms

Dirty People

In a bath room, a boy touches a girl everywhere! You Know whose that boy? Stupid Itís Lifeboy Soap! Dirty people always think dirty.
From: Qamar

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Student Adult Sms

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Student University k toilet mei gaya,

Jab ander ja k betha, to Samne dekha,

Likha hua tha...

"Itna Zor Taleem Pe Daitay To Exam May  A+  Grade Laitay..

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Dehshat Gardi k Chutian

Garmian diyan chhutian,

sardian diyan chutian,

Lo hun navi chhutian v aa gaiya ne,



DEHSHAT GARDI diyan Chhutian....! :-p

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Cricket Commentator Explain Girls

How does a cricket  comentator explain a girl  without clothes?
No cover , No extra cover , silly points , 2 fine legs.
A deep gali & some little grass on da pitch

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Light off honay par

Light off honay par
London: Oh no..!
Washington : What is this.?
Karachi: phir chali gai..
Fasialabad : oo gai aa..
Lahore : Fair pen nuss gai j wapda di..   :)

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Sexy Teacher - Adult Sexy Sms

Tchr: why did you laugh?

Boy:I saw a strap o ur bra

Tchr: Get out of class for a week

2nd Boy laugh

Tchr: why did u laugh?

Boy: i saw both straps

Tchr: GET out for 1 m0nth

she bent down to pick ch

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